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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Q&A from LunaKM

LunaKM writesI have been following your Dominant's blog for quite some time and unfortunately never clicked over to yours so I apologize up front if this question has been answered before.

He's a fantastic read, isn't he? I love having the additional insight of his blog. No need for apologies- this hasn't been addressed previously.

How does your submission suffer/flourish while he is recovering from surgeries?

It's easy to focus on how it suffers, because I'm really self-conscious about my flaws (as most are, I assume). However, I feel pretty proud of the way I handled most of the recovery time for his hip replacement. It makes me more keyed in on him, and I take his health very seriously. I tried to go for anticipatory service during that time.

I will say that when he is so reliant on me, I do get worn out faster, and his energy is going into healing (as it should!) rather than figuring out my headspace all the time. But I do think overall, my submission flourishes, particularly on an internal level. We don't do a lot of protocol-type things, which may make it easier when he's unwell and not so focused on our dynamic, because he doesn't have to worry about being "on" all the time. (Though I suppose if we had those things, they would come easily to me, so that may be a moot point. As always, your mileage may vary.)

How do things work when you are both ill? Does the housework and relationship just fall away to basic care?

I suppose it really depends on how ill we both are. Generally speaking, I'll be granted rest when I'm sick regardless of how he is, because getting better is a priority.  If it's linked to depression or anxiety, and it's pretty severe, then things will all fall away until I can climb out of it. We're pretty good about doing self-care and leaving each other alone when that happens. It depends on the individual scenario, really.

PS: You'd probably get more questions if you allowed anonymous commenting. You don't currently.

This is an excellent point! I'm off to fix that right now.

I hope I've answered thoroughly enough! Thanks again for asking!

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