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Friday, March 9, 2012


I can hear my Sir typing madly at his computer, so I'm guessing he is updating his blog regarding tonight's Munch. It's the first one he's been to, and I'm pretty pleased with how it went. There were only a couple of familiar faces- Talia came in shortly after we did, and another woman he's met. From there, he was able to put faces to names, as I gave him the scoop about the people I'd discussed with him. ("That's J, he has hot legs")

I hadn't realized how much I'd missed seeing one of the bunch until I saw her, and we made quite the commotion with our squeeful greetings. They didn't remember to do introductions until nearly halfway through, and I don't remember if I warned my Sir they might, but I hope that gave him enough time to get comfortable with everyone. We were in the last half to speak, so there had already been some laughs along the way. We discussed an upcoming party, and various other events.

It reminded me that I really need to quit missing events, because going to them recharges me. Have I mentioned lately that I love my local group? They're pretty awesome. I'd love to share specifics, but privacy is an issue, which was a secondary topic of discussion. Oh, and I may be able to attend a play party, to help out- it depends on my Sir's surgery schedule. (There's more than one in the foreseeable future... fun, right?)

UPDATE: So, apparently, that's not what he was typing. I expect he'll update soonish, though.

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